TenByTen6410 with MegaDisplay 7S and Enclosure

Christmas deal 2018

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1 x MegaDisplay 7Slim Including Touchscreen

7inch LCD with Atmel ATMega48 MCU. Improved I2C interface makes it easy to attach your own device, like SPI sensors, buttons, etc.  This product is compatible with our enclosures*

1 x Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S

Black enclosure which can house the MINI2440v2, TenByTen6410, and MegaDisplay 7S Including Touchscreen, with MIS-D 75 VESA mount compatibility.  Solid, simple, and easy to use. 

1 x TenByTen6410

The TenByTen6410 offers ARM11 power on 10x10cm for Windows CE. 

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TenByTen6410 SBC including 7" TFT Display with touchscreen (800x480 pixel) nicely placed in our new plastic enclosure.

The TenByTen6410 is a high performance ARM11 single board computer specially designed for consumer electronics, hand-held devices, industrial control equipment, vehicle navigation devices, etc. It features exactly the same dimensions as the popular MINI2440V2 from Hiteg Ltd. and can therefore be used as a drop-in replacement.

The TenByTen6410 SBC is based on the Samsung S3C6410 ARM11 micro controller, which provides the TenByTen6410 with abundant internal resources and a powerful video processing capacity operating at a 667MHz (optional 800MHz) peak frequency. Beside its powerful processor, the TenByTen6410 is also equipped with 128/256MB mobileDDR RAM, 256MB/1GB (SLC/MLC) NAND Flash, as well as some common external interfaces like USB, UART, SD, LCD, Camera, audio, ethernet, etc., making the TenByTen6410 full featured and easy to use SBC. With its vigorous internal resources and excellent capacity for 3D video processing, the TenByTen6410 is fully competent for various kinds of hand-held devices, consumer electronics, industrial controllers, Mobile Internet Devices, Notebooks, etc.

The TenByTen6410 uses a reliable 8-layer PCB measuring 100mm by 100mm, it is designed and produced in strict accordance with UL and CE standards, with full consideration of signal integrity, electrostatic protection and electromagnetic compatibility to assure that the TenByTen6410 is capable of working in various environments. Hiteg Ltd. will provide an industrial temperature range version of the TenByTen6410 upon request.



  • One TenByTen6410 Development board
    • One Power adapter (EUR/US plug)
    • One USB cable (Mini-B plug / Standard A plug)
    • One crossover Ethernet cable
    • One Serial cable
    • One miniSD card
  • One MegaDisplay 7S Including Touchscreen
    • One touchscreen stylus
    • One 250mm FFC
  • One Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S in BLACK
    • Height 47.5 mm
    • Length 241.0 mm
    • Width 178.0 mm

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