MINI2440v2 with MegaDisplay 7S and Enclosure

The, MINI2440v2 development board + MegaDisplay 7S Including Touchscreen + Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S, package.

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1 x MINI2440v2

The MINI2440 is a 100% RoHS and ISO9000:14000 certified product. PSU with CE/UL certificate. 400MHz, 64MB SDRam and 128MB, 256MB or 1GB NAND Flash, 2MB NOR Flash

1 x MegaDisplay 7Slim Including Touchscreen

7inch LCD with Atmel ATMega48 MCU. Improved I2C interface makes it easy to attach your own device, like SPI sensors, buttons, etc.  This product is compatible with our enclosures*

1 x Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S

Black enclosure which can house the MINI2440v2, TenByTen6410, and MegaDisplay 7S Including Touchscreen, with MIS-D 75 VESA mount compatibility.  Solid, simple, and easy to use. 

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The MINI2440v2 with MegaDisplay 7S and Enclosure package is all that its name suggests and a cost effective combination.

The MINI2440v2 board is one of Hiteg's elite development boards which has long been in production and always continues to be to provide our dear clients with a secure and opportune investment that's worth making.  We've managed to remain side by side with the advance of technology and customer requirements by tactically improving the MINI2440v2 where needed, when needed.  For those of you already well acquainted with the MINI2440v2, we're proud to push it once notch further yet again in providing you more for your investment by offering you this sturdy and visually pleasing plastic enclosure to house it.


UPDATEIt is now possible to order the enclosure in any color you like, just leave us a Pantone color. We have a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, no extra costs needed. In the same run, you can get for just two dollars more, a conductive cupper paint on the inside for EMI shielding. You can set regions where you do not want it, for WiFi or other RF signals to pass through.


  • One MINI2440v2 development board *128MB NAND
    • One USB cable
    • One Serial cable
    • One crossover Ethernet cable
    • One Power adapter (EUR/US styled plug)
  • One MegaDisplay 7S Including Touchscreen
    • One touchscreen stylus
    • One FFC
  • One Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S in BLACK

  • Download
    Please find all files from the DVD for download

    • Height 47.5 mm
    • Length 241.0 mm
    • Width 178.0 mm

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