Suppliers is the internet trading division of Hiteg Ltd (Hiteg).

Distributor Responsibilities


The distributor is appointed to sell agreed Hiteg products in the agreed territory. Being a Hiteg distributor does not automatically entitle the distributor to sell all products shown on the website.

  1. The distributor accepts the appointment and agrees to represent the interests of Hiteg Ltd and its marketing division within the terms of the agreement.
  2. At the discretion of Hiteg Ltd, products, prices and payment terms may be changed from time to time by amendment, deletion or addition. Where reasonably possible the distributor will be notified in advance with at least 30 days notice.
  3. The distributor shall promote and sell agreed Hiteg products and use its best efforts to maximise the quantity sold.
  4. The distributor agrees to maintain or employ adequate technical staff to maintain a level of expertise necessary to demonstrate, promote and support the sale and use by customers of the products.
  5. The distributor agrees to treat as confidential all information supplied by Hiteg Ltd and not to use this information for any purpose other than promoting and selling the products.
  6. The distributor agrees not to sell or promote competitive products and undertakes not to substitute alternative products for Hiteg products following customer enquiry. Such practice is considered unethical and future site access will be immediately terminated.


Hiteg Responsibilities


  1. Hiteg will accept orders from distributors and use its best efforts to deliver them within a reasonable time.
  2. Hiteg will provide support and assistance to the distributor by telephone or fax or email as may reasonably be required to promote and support the products.
  3. Hiteg will furnish the distributor with sales leads where appropriate.
  4. Upon agreement, ‘Master’ Hiteg distributors will be credited for end-user sales made directly through the website in the territory of the distributor. Such agreements will be made on a one-to-one basis and require additional distributor and Hiteg commitments.



Hiteg will accept orders by fax, email or online. Usually orders will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt. Shipping of products is only undertaken to the distributor. Hiteg is not able to accept orders for shipment direct to the distributor's end user.


Payment terms are agreed with each distributor. Hiteg does not accept Letter of Credit or Cash Against Documents.

Payment methods shall be by either of the following methods:

1. Where no credit arrangement has been agreed, payment shall be made by telegraphic transfer as detailed on invoices from Hiteg Ltd. For orders valued at less than $2000 net, payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) provided that the credit card details are passed in a secure format or by fax. Hiteg shall not be responsible for fraudulent use of card details through inappropriate disclosure by the distributor, including by email transmission.

2. Where credit arrangements have been agreed between Hiteg Ltd and its distributor, the distributor shall make payments to Hiteg Ltd within fourteen (14) days of receiving the invoice from Hiteg Ltd.

If the distributor is late in making payment, Hiteg Ltd is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 4% per month or part thereof until the entire amount due is received. The distributor alone is liable for payment; payments by other parties shall be accepted conditionally, only if they are received on time in the full amount of the invoice and the identity of the distributor, the invoice number and the order number are clearly recognizable. The distributor has no right to retain any portion of a payment. The distributor may not offset an invoice against other claims unless these are undisputed or legally enforceable.

Should Hiteg Ltd need to engage the services of a law firm, solicitor, or debt collection agency to assist in the collection of the payment from the distributor, then the distributor agrees to pay Hiteg Ltd the full costs and commissions charged by the law firm, solicitor, or debt collection agency for such services plus an additional administration fee to compensate Hiteg Ltd for the additional administrative and management time required to collect the outstanding payment.




No returns are accepted without prior approval. In general, returns are only accepted for faulty goods or goods for repair.

Prior authority and a Returns Authorisation (RA) number must be given by Hiteg Ltd in order to process any return. Items returned without an RA number marked on the shipping cartons and paperwork will be refused. Credit, if agreed beforehand, will be issued only on new, unmarked merchandise returned in original shipping containers. A 20% restocking and refurbishing charge may be applied at the option of Hiteg Ltd.

No returns can be made without prior shipping and paperwork information from Hiteg Ltd. This will include shipping information as well as product valuations. Any unnecessary costs incurred by Hiteg by failure of the distributor to follow the Return Instructions, will be billed back to the distributor.




Hiteg Ltd reserves the right to terminate access to the distributor pages without notice in the event of a gross breach of conditions or abuse of the site.

As users of, all distributors are also governed by our standard terms and conditions.



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